Remember When...?

The creation of Remember When came about from my experience with my own father. 

He had an exemplary life, traveling the world with his bride as a government agent, making many one-of-a-kind memories, and raising our family on different continents.

Even though I had been in the video production business for many years,

 I never actually stopped to record his stories, my mother's history, or the many family adventures we shared.

Time got away from me.

Having Grandpa and Grandma tell their stories, in their own voices,

 is a blessing I wish I had created for my children and grandchildren.

You still have that opportunity!

Remember When can help you capture those precious family moments in person, 

like they are right there with you, to share with generations to come.

Please feel free to contact me about preserving your Remember When moments.
I look forward to sharing them with you.

It's all about the memories...

• Have you ever wondered how your mother and father met?

• Or where your favorite uncle served in the Army?

• Do your children know what you were doing on the day they were born?

• Maybe you'd like to let a dear friend know how much they mean to you?

• Or perhaps you have a story you always wanted to tell but thought no one would listen?

It's all about the memories...

Remembering When...


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